At Sunrise Balloons, our Temecula hot air balloon tour flights are available daily, once a day at sunrise over the beautiful Southern California Wine Country! Ballooning is a weather- and weight-sensitive activity, meaning that our ability to fly is completely dependent on the current weather. Southern California offers phenomenal ballooning weather and we are able to fly approximately 90% of the flights that are scheduled throughout the year (10% being canceled due to unsafe weather conditions). Group flights, private flights, tethered balloons, night glows, and more are available for your occasion! Contact us for daily updates!

Sunrise Balloons’ Daily Group flights are the most popular flight choice with the highest value and fun factor!

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Promotional Temecula balloon ride tickets offer a great price break, however, they are non-refundable, and the paid value remains valid until redeemed, promotional value expires one year from the purchase date. Inclement weather is not a valid reason for a refund but remains valid to reschedule your flight. Promotional tickets require upgrade fees for holidays and festivals unless otherwise specified.

Retail tickets are $249 per person and offer the flexibility of being refundable if your flight is canceled due to inclement weather and you are unable to reschedule to an alternate date. The retail ticket becomes non-refundable within 48/72 hours (depending on party size), unless it is canceled due to inclement weather!

Sunrise Balloons Flight Tickets $169 per person

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