Indulge In A Flight Of Wonder

The Best Hot Air Balloon Rides In Southern California!


How long has Sunrise Balloons been operating?

At Sunrise Balloons, we have been offering Temecula hot air balloon tours since 1975. Sunrise Balloons originated / introduced passenger balloon flights in several scenic areas including Palm Springs desert area, Borrego Springs, Del Mar, and Temecula Valley.

What is Sunrise Balloons’ safety history?

Since beginning in 1975, we have NEVER had any kind of safety incident, passenger injury, or ballooning related F.A.A. violation during one of our Temecula hot air balloon wine tasting tours.

What training do Sunrise Balloons pilots have?

In addition to having a commercial pilot’s license certified by the FAA, our pilots have a minimum of 1,200 hours flight operations. They are also selected because of their fun personalities and casual professionalism.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes! All tours are booked 1st call 1st reserved! So please do ensure that you allow ample planning timing for your desired flight date.

Where do we meet?

Our guests meet outside of Julie's Dream Winery generally 30 minutes before sunrise. You will also receive your most updated check-in time and details via email and text by your tour guide, giving you an after-hours number!

Can I reserve a private flight?

Yes! We offer daily balloon flights and may accommodate everything from private sweetheart flights to group corporate flights. For more information, click here.

What time are the hot air balloon flights?

All Temecula wine country flights are offered once a day at sunrise for the cool calm wind conditions that we typically have. Check-in is normally 30 minutes before Sunrise, which varies from 5:30am to 6:30 am depending on the time of year booked. Flight time will be confirmed via text by your host the night before for the exact check-in time.

How long do you fly?

Flights are guaranteed 45-60 minutes of actual flight time or we invite you back!

What weather conditions cancel a balloon flight?

Rain, unsafe wind conditions (i.e. Wind warnings, Santa Ana wind conditions etc), fog, low ceiling, extreme heat.

What is the cancellation policy?

48 hours before the booked flight for parties of 2 and 72 hours for a party of 3 or more (which does not mean a refund is granted necessarily. Refunds are dependent on the terms and conditions of the ticket purchased and agreed upon). If a customer cancels before the 48/72 hour cancellation period this means that their ticket would remain valid for a reschedule or is refundable if you purchased a full retail ticket (all discounted or promotional tickets are non-refundable, but are transferable with the paid amount never expiring). If you cancel within the 48/72 hours your ticket (refundable or non-refundable) is considered redeemed (a discounted reschedule fee may be offered).

My Flight was cancelled due to inclement weather, what are my options?

You may reschedule your Temecula hot air balloon tour for the next available day. If you have a promotional, non-refundable ticket or groupon you may reschedule your flight to the next available day or transfer your ticket to another guest to redeem. If you paid full retail you may either ask for a refund, reschedule to the next available date, or transfer the ticket to another guest. If your promotional expiration on your ticket has expired and your flight was cancelled due to weather you may reschedule to our 1st available space or a discounted extension may apply if you need to redeem your voucher at a much later time.

My Promotional ticket has expired can I still use it?

Yes, the amount paid never expires. You may apply the amount paid toward the hot air balloon tour you wish to book or we have discounted extension options available to you as well!

How high do balloons go?

There is not a pre-set altitude. Sunrise Balloons varies the altitude depending upon the passenger’s desire, as well as the weather conditions that are present. Each flight is flown with an individual profile from tree top level to 5,000 feet. In general, we prefer to fly close to the group at altitudes from which we may converse with people below as we drift by. Should guests desire to fly higher, conditions permitting, we are happy to accommodate them.

What is the temperature in the basket during the flight?

The basket stays between 60 and 75 degrees during the flight. There is no wind chill factor because the balloon moves with the wind. The radiant warmth from the balloon heaters keeps the basket delightfully comfortable during winter months.

Is there a plan for what we will see by balloon?

Yes. We have numerous take off sites scattered throughout our ballooning regions. By selecting a take off site upwind of a desired objective, we will drift downwind over the selected terrain during your Temecula hot air balloon tour.

How fast do balloons fly?

A balloon is wafted along by the breeze and thus flies at the speed of the wind. We fly passengers in gentle breezes up to seven miles an hour. This speed is approximately twice that of an average walking speed on the ground.

Can you steer a balloon?

There is no device with which to steer, but a skilled, professional pilot is remarkable adept at executing changes in direction by changing altitude and looking for varying winds. The sky is layered with air currents, so the pilot controls the air temperature in the balloon to rise or lower into different wind directions.

Do the passengers sit or stand in the basket?

Passengers stand during flights and must be physically capable of standing and climbing in and out of the balloon basket.

Is age a consideration in making the trip?

As our tour last for 3 hours with no bathroom breaks, we ask that no one under the age of eight join the balloon tours.

Can I go ballooning while pregnant ?

Unfortunately you can not.

What about special requests?

Since 1975, Sunrise Balloons has maintained flexibility and expertise in accommodating the interests of our guests. Safety is the primary concern; imagination is welcomed, and if your ideal Temecula balloon ride can be done safely, we will allow it.

How many other people will be flying with me?

Sunrise Balloons established partitioned commercial baskets, with separate pilot and passenger compartments. This system allows ample room to accommodate guests wishing to stand either separately or together in a compartment. Seven to sixteen persons can be accommodated without overcrowding. Private, intimate flights are provided.

Can we bring refreshments?

During your flight you are welcome to enjoy refreshments. However, unprotected glass containers and smoking are not permitted.

Is there a feeling of motion during the flight?

In the calm conditions in which we fly there is nothing that makes the basket sway. The balloon hangs motionless in the air mass in which it is suspended, and makes a perfect platform for such things as photography and filming.

What does it feel like?

The sensation is one of peace and tranquility as you drift over the treetops and float over the countryside in a gentle, panoramic harmony with nature.

Where do we land?

In the area we fly, there are many open fields where we are welcome to land. Landing usually takes place within a ten-mile radius of the launch site, and is accomplished by cruising at a low altitude until an appropriate site is spotted. Use of the maneuvering vent and burners creates a desirable rate of descent. When the pilot finds an appropriate landing site, he descends to the spot where our experienced photo/ground crew will meet us. Passengers are returned in a specially equipped retrieve vehicle.

What do I wear?

We suggest that you dress comfortable for outdoor activity and wear appropriate footwear. Open-toe shoes, sandals, high heels and sport pants are not permitted. Passengers whose height exceeds six feet or whose heads are heat-sensitive should bring a sport hat. Remember, we will be taking photos of your flight so remember to dress for the camera.

What is your advice about photography?

It is recommended that passengers bring an extra camera and film in order to allow the photo/ground crew to take photos throughout the duration of your flight. With the beautiful balloons and all of the smiling faces they produce, even an instamatic will create a marvelous record of your trip.

What if I am afraid of heights?

Sunrise Balloons has taken thousands of people who are afraid of heights. 52″ high basket sides, solid flooring, and the absence of any motion sensation produce a feeling of security and serenity. Persons suffering from motion sickness are not affected.

Is previous ballooning experience necessary?

No, not at all. Everyone is welcome.

What are the weight limits and fees?

Any guests over 220lbs per person must reserve an additional space for safety and comfort; Any guests 280lbs or more are required to book a private flight. The additional space required is offered at a discounted rate, offering comfort and safety for all patrons aloft. Weight limits of hot air balloons are regulated by the manufacturer and FAA, known as the “payload” to ensure damage to the aircraft is avoided by overheating the fabric that holds you aloft and the floor specs of the balloon basket. Call us today for weight fee pricing.