5 Reasons To Book A Temecula Hot Air Balloon Flight

Are you considering booking a hot air balloon flight above the Temecula wine country? Are you trying to convince your reluctant friend or family member to go with you? If so, this is the blog post for you. Continue reading as we discuss our five favorite reasons to fly in a hot air balloon this summer!

Reason 1: The Views

As we begin to list our favorite things about hot air balloon flight we thought that we would start with the most obvious reason that you should consider booking a trip — the views. Hot air balloon rides are often perceived to be boring because they do not move at high speeds like planes do. In our opinion, that is the best part. Riding in a hot air balloon allows you to view the world from a different perspective — and it gives you time to actually soak up your surroundings before moving on.

Reason 2: You Will Make Memories

Often times people associate hot air balloons with festivals, romance, and special occasions — but a hot air balloon flight doesn’t have to be for a special occasion in order to make it memorable. By booking a Temecula hot air balloon tour for you and a friend or family member, you are ensuring that a memory will be made.

Reason 3: It Is The Safest Way To Fly

While a fear of heights might be the primary factor that keeps people from flying on our Temecula hot air balloon tours, people’s innate fear of flying is a close second. A great way to fly without all the potential airplane complications that give you anxiety is to book yourself a hot air balloon tour over the beautiful Temecula wine country! Unlike planes, when a mechanical complication arises in a balloon you simply float gently back down to the ground.

Reason 4: You Can Tailor Your Flight To Be However You Want

At Sunrise balloons, your premier Temecula hot air balloon tour company, we offer a number of services that can take your flight to the next level. Need a banner made? We can do it. Do you want professional pictures? You don’t even have to ask! Do you want champagne to celebrate? We will be sure to pack it in the basket. Whatever you need to make your flight special, we can make it happen.

Reason 5: You Can See The Sunrise In A Way You Have Never Seen It Before

Sure, you have seen sunrises before, but you have never seen them from thousands of feet above the earth. By booking a Temecula sunrise balloon tour, you can look down at the earth and watch the shadows dance as daybreak approaches.

Book Your Flight Today

At Sunrise Balloons it is our goal to give our passengers the ride of a lifetime — and that is exactly what we do each and every time that we take flight. So what are you waiting for? Book your group flight, private flight, or even a vineyard e-bike tour (if the skies really aren’t for you). If you have any questions about our services or flights, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.